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Ganderbal is the district headquarters of a newly formed Ganderbal District in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. It is located in the northern part of Kashmir Valley at a distance of 51.9 km from state capital Srinagar

Geography of Ganderbal district

Ganderbal district is one of the most beautiful districts in Kashmir valley. The terrain here is hilly. Mount Harmukh located at a distance of about 15 Km from Ganderbal town is the highest peak in the district. It is about 5142 meters (16870 feet) high and is located at the border of Ganderbal and Bandipore districts.

Gangabal Lake

There are also quite a few lakes located in different parts of the district. Following are some of the more popular ones:

  • Manasbal Lake is located at a distance of 12 KM northwest of Ganderbal town. It is the largest (5 Km long, 1 Km wide) lake within the district and the deepest lake (13m) in the entire Kashmir Valley.

  • Gangabal Lake located at the foot of Harmukh Mountain is another big lake in the district. This lake is 2.5 km long, 1 Km wide and is fed by the melting snow of Harmukh Mountain.

  • Nundcol Lake located 1.5 Km south of Gangabal Lake is the third important lake in the district. It also lies at the foot of the Harmukh Mountain. The lake is fed by Gangabal Lake and the melting snow of Harmukh Mountain. Wangath Nala, a major tributary of River Sind rises from this lake.

  • Gadsar Lake, Vishansar Lake, Krishansar Lake located near Sonamarg are few other lakes popular among tourists.

River Sind is an important river of this district. The river rises from Machoi Glacier, located at an elevation of 4800 meters and drains into River Jhelum at Shadipora.   There are three power project located on this river. Lower Sindh Hydroelectric Power Project at Ganderbal is one of them, The other two are Upper Sindh Hydroelectric Power Project I at Kangan and Upper Sindh Hydroelectric Power Project II at Sumbal.  The water of this river is also used for irrigation purposes.  It also supplies drinking water to Srinagar town through Rangil Water Treatment Plant. Ganderbal town is located on the bank of this river.

Incidentally, all these mountains and water bodies offer great scope for adventure tourism. To know more about them, you may visit our page on Ganderbal Tourism.

Geography of Ganderbal Town

Ganderbal in Winter

Ganderbal town is located at 34.23°N latitude and 74.78°E longitude.  It has an average elevation of 1,619 meters (5,312 feet). River Sind flows by this town. Incidentally, the river is navigable from Ganderbal town downwards.

History of Ganderbal

Not much is known about the history of Ganderbal. However, it is known that Sind Valley, in which the city is located, was an important part of the ancient Silk Route. It joined India with China on one hand and with Middle East on the other.  In fact, in those days the area was considered as the Gateway to Middle East.

It is believed that the preachers of Islam entered Kashmir through Sind Valley. It is also believed that Persian Saint Shah Hamdan also used this route to enter Kashmir Valley in 1372. Along with him came 700 of his followers, who introduced different kinds of handicrafts to the people of this region. Therefore, it can be assumed that the area played an important role in the cultural as well as economic wellbeing of entire Kashmir. 

Business and Economy in Ganderbal

Ganderbal is blessed not only with fertile land, but also with plenty of water. Consequently, farming is the main occupation here.  80% of its population is engaged in this profession. Besides, the district also has considerable deposit of lime stone, sand, bajri and marble; this too has considerable impact on the economy of the area.

Crops Grown in Ganderbal

Farmland near Ganderbal Town

Rice, maize, wheat, millets, fodder (oats) and pulses like black gram, and peas are the main crops grown here. In addition, the area grows a number of vegetables and fruits. Apple, apricot, almond cherry, pear, plum, walnut are the major horticultural product of this district.

Industries in Ganderbal

Although the area has a hilly terrain, government is trying to develop different kinds of industries in Ganderbal. As a first step, the government has established an Industrial Estate in the Muneer area. In all there are 428 registered units in the district, which employ around 1900 employees. However, all of them fall under small scale category. Due to topographical reasons, the area does not have any large or medium scale industries.

According to a survey, majority of the units produce wood based furniture or other wooden products. Basketry also provides considerable employment in and around Ganderbal town.  Craftsmen of this area manufacture different types of baskets as well as containers out of willow reeds. Shalabugh, located within a kilo meter of the town, is a hub of this industry. Agro based industries also occupy an important position in the industrial scenario of Ganderbal.

Tourism in Ganderbal

Ganderbal is famous for its natural beauty. Its many lakes and mountains draw tourists from all over the world and this in turn has provided employment opportunity for many in Ganderbal.

Administration in Ganderbal

Secretariat in Ganderbal

Ganderbal, being a district headquarters, is also important from the administrative point of view. The office of the Deputy Commissioner, who is also referred as District Development Commissioner or DDC, is located in this town. He is the senior most amongst officers in the town and has been entrusted with multiple duties. If you are in any kind of emergency you may contact him at the following numbers:
Office Telephone No: 0194-241-6142
Fax No: 0194-241-6141
Residential Telephone No: 0194-241-6188

In case of necessity, you may also call the following officers at the given numbers:
  • Addl. Deputy Commissioner: 94193-85747, 0194-241-6388
  • Additional District Development Commissioner: 0194-241-6071
  • Tehsildar Ganderbal: 99068-14625, 0194-241-6250

Municipal Committee of Ganderbal

The civic amenities in Ganderbal are provided by the local municipality. For administrative purpose, the town has been divided into a number of wards, each of which is represented by an elected councilor. The committee is headed by a Chairman, nominated from among the elected members.

As in anywhere else in India, the committee performs a number of duties ranging from water supply and sewage to maintenance of roads and providing birth / death certificates etc. The committee also provides basic health care to the citizens, runs immunization program and offer many other facilities to the citizens.

Court in Ganderbal

Lok Adalat in Ganderbal

Ganderbal is also the seat of Principal District and Sessions Judges Court.  Court in Ganderbal was first inaugurated on 16th August, 1968 as Munsiff Court. It was then housed in the Tehsil office at Beehama. Later a new plot of land was bought and in 1972 the court was shifted to its new premise. It was then, located at a distance of 200 meter from the Tehsil office.

However, the scenario changed as Ganderbal became a separate district. The Court of Principal District & Sessions Judge opened its door on 27.05.2008. The first CJM or Sub Judge Ganderbal started operating from the very next day. Very soon need for more space became a necessity. The court shifted to its present location on 11th November, 2011.

Today, the court holds Lok Adalots in various places. Besides, it offers legal aids to the deserving candidates. In case of necessity, you may contact the court at the following details:
Phone No: 0194-241-6343
Email Id: syedtauqeer.ahmed@indianjudiciary.gov.in 

Police in Ganderbal

Police Station In Ganderbal

Police force in Ganderbal works under the direct guidance of Superintendent of Police. In case of any emergency, you may contact him at the following numbers: 
Office phone Numbers: 0194-241-6808, 0194-2416137
Fax: 0194-241-6443
Residential Phone Number: 0194-241-6444

Superintendent of Police is aided by an efficient team of officers. In case of necessity, you may also contact them at the following numbers:
  • Addl. Superintendent of Police, Ganderbal: 9419104801
  • Dy. Superintendent of Police (HQ), (DPO Ganderbal): 2416203
  • Dy. Superintendent of Police (DR), Ganderbal: 9419445066
  • Dy. Superintendent of Police, (Operations), Ganderbal: 9469232752
  • Dy. Superintendent of Police (Traffic), Ganderbal: 9906514237
  • Police Control Room, Ganderbal: 2416478, 2416674
  • Police Station Ganderbal: 2416225

Fire Station in Ganderbal

Ganderbal also has a fire station located within its city limits. In case of any emergency, you may call at the following number:
Assistant Director Fire & Emergency Service
0194-241-6660, 0194-2416390
Fax: 0194- 241-6620

Banks in Ganderbal

Jasmmu and Kashmir Bank ATM

Although Ganderbal is a small city, it has quite a few nationalized as well as private banks located inside its limits. Let us look at some of them:

Jammu & Kashmir Bank (JK Bank)
Beheema, Ganderbal
Phone No: 0194-241-6881
IFSC Code / MICR Code
Branch Code: JAKA0GANDER / 191051101 / GANDER

State Bank of India (SBI)
Phone No: 0194-241-6214
IFSC Code / MICR Code
Branch Code: SBIN0002344 / 191002051 / 002344

Gousia Complex, Central Market, Beehama, Ganderbal
IFSC Code / MICR Code
Branch Code:  HDFC0002183 / 191240101 / 002183

Punjab National Bank
Quadri Complex, Beehama Road, Ganderbal
Phone No: 094190-14019
IFSC Code / MICR Code
Branch Code:  PUNB0612500 / 191024101 / 612500

Important Information about Ganderbal

State: Jammu and Kashmir
District: Ganderbal
Average Elevation: 1,619 meters (5,312 feet).
Pin Code: 191201
STD Code: 0194
Vehicle Registration Code: JK 16

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